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Agbeko: The Development of An Afrobeat-Inspired Sound

Though fundamentally influenced by the West African funk of Fela Kuti and The Funkees, Manchester-based outfit Agbeko recognise the importance of treading their own path. The sound of Nigeria 70 will always be a touchstone, but as saxophonist, composer and bandleader Jamie…

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James Nissen

Greece: The Crossroads of East and West

Nestled between countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, Greece is positioned at the crossroads of East and West. Greek folk music has developed in perpetual flux as it variably adopted extraneous cultural flows and contested them with its own rooted…

James Nissen

The Music of England

English traditional music is often associated with Romantic imaginaries of ‘green and pleasant lands’ and…

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We Face Forward: Contemporary art and music from West Africa

Band on the Wall presented a series of films about African music concerts which took place in Manchester from June to September, called We Face Forward, including AfroCubism. AfroCubism was a project which was first conceived in 1996. The plan…