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Buzzcocks Co-Founder Pete Shelley Passes Away

We were deeply saddened to learn of Pete Shelley’s passing yesterday. A founding member of punk rock outfit Buzzcocks, who played some of their earliest shows at Band on the Wall during the era of the Manchester Musicians Collective –…

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Joshua French

The Fascinating Story of Louisiana Blues Artist Robert Finley

What makes an authentic blues artist? Some might say it is one whose words draw directly from their lived experience. Others mighty recognise authenticity in the character of an artist’s voice, or in the rudimentary technique that somehow draws achingly…

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James Nissen

The Music of England

English traditional music is often associated with Romantic imaginaries of ‘green and pleasant lands’ and…

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We Face Forward: Contemporary art and music from West Africa

Band on the Wall presented a series of films about African music concerts which took place in Manchester from June to September, called We Face Forward, including AfroCubism. AfroCubism was a project which was first conceived in 1996. The plan…