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World of Music is an exciting programme of music and heritage learning and research taking place at Band on the Wall.

We also have KS2 and KS3 lessons to assist teachers in School Resources

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- World of Music Youth Choir -

World of Music Youth Choir

Calling all singers aged 13 – 19! Singing together makes us feel good. So Band on the Wall are starting a new Youth Choir, directed by award-winning folk singer Bella Hardy and award-winning gospel singer Carla Jane!  Starts: Tuesday 23rd February 2021, 4.30pm – 5.30pm  We’ll be singing…

- Choir -

- World of Music Journeys -

World of Music Journeys

World of Music Journeys at Home Saturday Morning Music Club Online for ages 8-12 Join the adventure! At our online World of Music Journeys, you’ll take a musical tour of the world from your own home! You’ll meet superstar musicians…

- World Of Music Beginners -

World Of Music Beginners

Courses to take you from complete beginner to playing a tune!   These activities are designed for Primary School Aged Children (KS2), but can be completed by anyone of any age with a desire to learn! Want to play the…

- World of Music Tunes -

World Of Music Tunes

Learn tunes from musicians around the world In each of the videos below, a musician will teach you a tune from their heritage. They’ll introduce the tune, and play it at different speeds for you to learn and play-along with!…

- School Resources -

School Resources

KEY STAGE 2 For our beginners instrument courses designed for Key Stage 2 aged pupils, please visit World of Music Beginners. KEY STAGE 3 World Of Music Passport: Caribbean This teaching resource is designed to support the English National Curriculum…

- People & Places -

The Music of England

English traditional music is often associated with Romantic imaginaries of ‘green and pleasant lands’ and…

- Learning Library -

- World of Music Friends -

World Of Music Friends

Helpful links to online learning activities and performances from some of our favourite artists   Early Years & Primary   Concerteenies (Early Years, ages 0-5) Concerteenies is a live music concert series designed to engage you and your young children…