Lanquidity Records to Issue Live Recording of Sun Ra Performing in Poland

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Independent label Lanquidity Records have announced that they are to issue a 1986 recording of the Sun Ra Arkestra performing live at the thirteenth International Jazz Piano Festival in Kalisz. The concert took place while Poland remained behind the iron curtain, and according to the extensive liner notes, was memorable for those attendance. The record will be released with a detailed booklet and on limited edition yellow vinyl, while Polish jazz ensemble EABS will play at a launch event for the record at Centrum Kultury i Sztuki w Kaliszu, next month.

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The Repeat Listen: Binker Golding – Abstractions of Reality Past and Incredible Feathers 

Having collaborated in altogether different duos with the drummer Moses Boyd and pianist Elliot Galvin, saxophonist Binker Golding steps forward as an accomplished bandleader in this, his first album for quartet. Recorded at the world-renowned Abbey Road studios, it boasts the same pristine recording quality as the recent Ruby Rushton LP, made in that same hallowed building. However, interest lies more with what the record tells us about Golding as a player and composer, than its fine production value.

From the very beginning: with the groovy string bass lick that introduces Forgot Santa Monica, we begin to hear a warm, uplifting R&B strain coursing through Golding’s writing, which Joe Armon-Jones reinforces with the bluesy tripped notes in his staccato piano chords. Golding’s lines guide the band expertly between passages of smooth, sprightly, R&B-inflected jazz and passages of a more expansive, hard-bop style – the two stitched seamlessly by Golding’s foreground playing. The records that spring to mind during the opening cut are those such as Swiss Movement and Soul Station, where an upward inflection is always felt and a sense of groove, structure and flow always delicately maintained.

Exquisite She-Green relies on a more contemporary broken beat rhythm, which drummer Sam Jones takes warranted artistic license with in the latter stages of the track, with raised hats and busy fills developing the beat nicely. Golding and Armon-Jones lock in together with their playing, while shades of Giant Steps creep into the picture during the ‘chorus’, as Jones switches to the ride cymbal and the band emphasise three characterful descending modulations.

Skinned Alive, Tasting Blood is a softer number, hearing Jones keeping metronomic time with the hi-hat pedal and taking the snare wires off, allowing Golding to use the full dynamic range with confidence and truly star with his expressive soloing. Bassist Daniel Casimir takes his moment on … And I Like Your Feathers, a slow head-bobber with a beautiful positivity. He uses the upper range of the bass nicely, sliding and hammering notes down with confidence.

You, That Place, That Time transitions gently into Strange-Beautiful Remembered, one fifteen-minute recording capturing the energy and concentration of this talented young ensemble. Album closer Fluorescent Edges With Blacksounds at first as if the drums are too prominent, but as its dives into a wonderfully subtle section — with Golding cycling the same handful of notes — it becomes clear that the contrast was emphasised for that telling sense of relief and progression.

Throughout the record, Armon-Jones hits upon some really interesting voicings in his solos, and sweeps effortlessly from the low to high regions of the keyboard, maximising its sonic potential. On evidence of Golding’s performance here, he is certainly justifying the comparisons with the greats of his instrument, not to mention showing himself to be a true student of his artform, with inventive ideas to bring into it.

New Sounds and Visuals

DJ and producer Peggy Gou shared a new video for Starry Night this week. Directed by Jonas Lindstroem with cinematography by Nicolai Niermann, it reflects Gou’s South Korean heritage and sees dance choreography permeating a variety of different scenes and settings, from a martial arts routine to a masked drive through the city at night.

Former Ratking MC Wiki has linked up with the revered hip-hop producer Madlib on the newly-released cut, Eggs. Madlib turns in a suitably old school instrumental, with gritty string samples, artful scratching, and subtle beat switches that give the effect of a radio dial being turned through the frequencies. There’s suggestion from Wiki that there is plenty more music to come this year, as he looks to establish his own Wikset Enterprises label.

Far Out Recordings are to re-release the Global Communication remix of Azymuth’s Jazz Carnival on 12” wax. The in-demand cut has been played in clubs by DJs such as Seth Troxler, Shanti Celeste and Gerd Janson, and returns to wax by popular demand, with Azymuth’s ‘96 take on the classic adorning the A-side.

IMPATV (Islington Mill Public Access Television) have produced a new video for Locean’s Pussycat. Predominantly shot by the IMPATV cat, the disorienting black and white visual strikes a chord with the discordant post-punk cut, which builds a wall of noise from Neil Francis’ electronics, David McLean’s gnarling bass, Jefferson Temple’s overdriven guitar, Jon Perry’s heavily-struck drums and Lauren Bolger’s arresting vocals. The band’s album Chav Anglais arrives via Artificial Head very soon.