Mr Bongo Release Thirtieth Anniversary Short Film

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Mr Bongo, the record shop and label founded by DJ and collector David Buttle, celebrates thirty years in business this year. To mark the occasion, Buttle and filmmaker Owen Tozer have put together a short film to tell the label’s story, exploring the music Mr Bongo has championed, and how they have remained active for as long as they have. Narrated by Buttle himself, the film holds plenty of compelling advice for DJs and labels, as well as his warm observations about the Brazilian city of Rio — a place that has been key for his work.

Mr Bongo have reissued classic albums by Arthur Verocai and The Incredible Bongo Band while supporting the work of young artists, such as Hollie Cook and Proteje. Check out the short film below.

The Repeat Listen: Moor Mother – Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes

Moor Mother’s new album, Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes, is the second project released by the Philadelphia-based artist in the space of two weeks, following last month’s collaborative record with Zonal (Godflesh’s Justin Broadrick and The Bug’s Kevin Martin). As unusual as it is to hear two of an artist’s projects in such quick succession, Moor Mother’s voice and vision are both so defined and absorbing, that an eagerness to revisit each, repeatedly, lingers long after their first playback.

Key to this effect is the stylistic breadth and unwavering conviction of Moor Mother’s vocal work. From the punk poetry of Black Flight, to the hysterical modulating calls of Don’t Die, her rap flow on After Images and calm, low-register verses on Shadowgrams, every word she utters or sound she creates is performed with immense power and purpose. The production and arrangements on the album are dark and challenging, inspiring and fear-instilling in equal measure. Opening track Repeater is a petrifying, all-consuming piece to experience, with disconcerting chants and shrieking strings, shifting washes of ambience and deep percussive chords, providing the backdrop to a spoken word piece about breaking free of obtuse rulers, who holding life and death over people’s heads.

Moor Mother crafts an incredibly potent, challenging and creative album, replete with dark imagery, bold arrangements and performances.

New Sounds and Visuals

The best music can result in irrepressible head-bobbing, foot-tapping and grimacing, and we defy you not to experience at least one of those phenomena when listening to Ruby Rushton’s new jazz-dance A-side, Yardley Suite. Drummer Tim Carnegie sets the tone with a four-on-the-floor groove, doubled-up snare strikes and groovy hi-hat pattern, before keys player Aidan Shepherd joins with some light chords and funky key bass, cueing up beautifully-harmonised licks from trumpeter Nick Walters and bandleader Tenderlonious. Pure class! Snap up that wax while you can.

Katie Gately’s ten-minute epic Bracer is lifted from her sophomore album Loom: a project dedicated to her mother, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, shortly after seeing Katie perform for the first time. Beginning with dry, double-tracked vocals over distant ambience and string tones, the track unfolds into a dramatic piece of avant-garde pop, with percussive hits as emphatic as any used in contemporary cinema, light orchestration and perfectly arranged vocal parts. Truly engrossing work from the Houndstooth artist.