World Of Music Choir: Tuesday 13th October – Harvest Festival! Hey John Barleycorn led by Bella Hardy

— Choir —

World Of Music Choir: Tuesday 13th October – Harvest Festival! Hey John Barleycorn led by Bella Hardy

Band on the Wall’s doors may be shut for a while but you can still take part in our fun music learning programmes from the comfort of your own home.

Tune in every Tuesday at 6pm (UK time) to join the World Of Music Choir online! Sing traditional and modern songs, harmonies and rounds. We learn by ear so you don’t have to read music, but if you would like the score it can be downloaded from this dropbox, where we’ll also upload an mp3 of the song to sing-along to after the session!

This live event is interactive; you can comment and ask questions, and the video will be available after the workshop.

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This Week’s Songs:

Hey John Barleycorn
(Joseph Bryan Geoghegan c. 1860)

John Barleycorn is an hero bold as any in the land
For ages good his fame has stood and will for ages stand
The whole wide world respect him no matter friend or foe
And where they be that makes too free he’s sure to lay them low

Chorus: Hey, John Barleycorn, ho, John Barleycorn
               Old and young thy praise have sung, John Barleycorn

To see him in his pride of growth his robes are rich and green
His head is speared with prickly beard fit nigh to serve the Queen
And when the reaping time comes round and John is stricken down
He yields his blood for England’s good and Englishmen’s renown

The Lord in courtly castle and the Squire in stately hall
The great of name in birth and fame on John for succour call
He bids the troubled heart rejoice, gives warmth to Nature’s cold
Makes weak men strong and old ones young and all men brave and bold


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