World Of Music Choir: Tuesday 16th March – ‘If I Were a Blackbird’ led by Bella Hardy

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World Of Music Choir: Tuesday 16th March – ‘If I Were a Blackbird’ led by Bella Hardy

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This Week’s Song: If I Were A Blackbird



  If I were a blackbird, and could whistle and sing

  I’d follow the vessel my true love sails in

  And on the top rigging I’d there build my nest

  And I’d lay my head all night on his lily-white breast


I am a poor girl and my fortune is sad,

For I once went a-courting a young sailor lad;

He courted me dearly by night and by day

But now for a sailor he’s gone far away


My love’s tall and handsome in every degree

His parents despise him because he loves me

But let them despise him, and do what they will

While there’s breath in my body I’ll love my love still


If I were a scholar, and could handle a pen

Just one private letter to him I would send

I’d write and I’d tell him of my grief and my woe

And far over the oceans with him I would go

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