World Of Music Choir: Tuesday 10th November – Where Stormy Winds Do Blow led by Bella Hardy

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World Of Music Choir: Tuesday 10th November – Where Stormy Winds Do Blow led by Bella Hardy

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This live event is interactive; you can comment and ask questions, and the video will be available after the workshop.

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This Week’s Song: Where Stormy Winds Do Blow
(Traditional, from the singing of The Watersons)

Shepherds are the cleverest lads
that ever trod England’s ground
They’ll call all at some alehouse
and value not one crown
They’ll call for liquor merrily
and pay before they go
They will work in the fields
where stormy winds do blow

As I walked over Mount Star plain
the frost did cut my feet
My ewes and lambs hung out their tongues
and around me they did bleat
There I took up my courage bold
and over the hills did go
And I drove them to fold
where stormy winds do blow

So now that I have folded them
and returned safe back again
Into some jovial company
I boldly entered in
A-drinking of strong liquor boys
it is my heart’s delight
While my sheep lay asleep
all the cold and stormy night

So come all you brisk young shepherds
wherever you do march
On a cold and a grimy morning
did you ever feel the smart
Did you ever feel the smart, my boys,
through ilgo frost or snow
As you drive them to fold
where stormy winds do blow


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