World Of Music Choir: Tuesday 28th April – Hal-An-Tow

— Choir —

World Of Music Choir: Tuesday 28th April – ‘Hal -An-Tow’ led by Bella Hardy

Band on the Wall’s doors may be shut for a little while but you can still take part in our fun music learning programmes from the comfort of your own home.

Tune in every Tuesday at 6pm (UK time) to join Bella Hardy for the World Of Music Choir online! Sing traditional and modern songs, harmonies and rounds. We learn by ear so you don’t have to read music, but words and scores can be downloaded here. This week’s lyrics are also below.

This live event is interactive; you can comment and ask questions, and the video will be available after the workshop to recap and sing-along to.

To view and add live comments, open this video in YouTube.

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This Week’s Song: Hal-an-Tow


Robin Hood and Little John
Have both gone to the fair-O
We will to the merry greenwood
To hunt the buck and hare-O

     Hal-an-tow, jolly Rumbelow
     We were up, long before the day-O
     To welcome in the summer, to welcome in the May – O
     For summer is a-coming in, and winter’s gone away – O

Take no scorn to wear the horn
It was the crest when you was born
Your father’s father wore it
And your father wore it too-O

God bless Aunt Mary Moyses
And all her power and might-O
And send us peace to England
Send peace by day and night-O